Finding calm.

The wellbeing essentials

for busy professionals

with demanding schedules.

Are you feeling drained from it all?

You are not alone

➤ Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed with your workload?

➤ Are you snapping at loved ones?

➤ Do you feel you're not coping as well as you used to?

➤ Does this leave you feeling mentally exhausted and physically drained?

➤ Not spending as much quality time with friends and family?

➤ Finding life is not much fun anymore and certainly not the life you had envisaged.

The problem is, the longer it continues, the worse you feel.

With no end in sight, how are things really going to change if you’re not really changing anything?

This is how I can help

Because I've been there too.

I gently guide you with my proven ways to better manage your stress in a healthy and positive way.

Having overcome work-related stress and burnout myself, this wellbeing program draws from my own experience, as well as, extensive learning over a period of 20 years.

Learn the wellbeing essentials to help you manage your stress and feel more calm and in control with proven tools and techniques.

“I let my work-related stress go on far too long before I finally took the steps to stop and get better. I believe if I’d have nipped things in the bud earlier it would not have led to my breakdown and burnout.

I've now learnt mindful ways to recover and manage my wellbeing in a healthy and positive way without pills or alcohol!"


Finding Calm

Have you dreamt of a happier, calmer you with enough free time to do the things you really love?

Yet finding calm in the chaos seems a million miles away from your reality right now.

Let’s find out your unique stressors and learn how to manage them in a mindful, practical and doable way.

Because life is for living, not just existing.

Finding Calm is a self-led online wellbeing program.

Here’s whats included:

Understand your own stress triggers

This is key!

Recognise what stresses you out and learn how to manage your stress before it becomes overwhelming.

Get practical tools and strategies

Discover proven ways in which to stay calm and in control when under pressure in various scenarios.

Each week you'll receive practical examples and exercises via video, audio and documents.

Use wellbeing checklists

Access to a variety of downloadable resources including templates as well as mindfulness, meditation and relaxation exercises.

Track your progress

Get an easy to use template to record your wellbeing journey and track your progress.

Accountability, community and support

Regular LIVE group sessions with the course instructor for further help and guidance.

PLUS! Join the private online course community and connect with other course students.

Unlimited access

Access all the course live lesson recordings and materials as many times as you wish - for the lifetime of this course.

Know that you can work through the course at your own pace, in your own time.

Program Curriculum

Week 1

Your wellbeing and understanding stress

In this lesson we will look at what your wellbeing really is, especially at work, as well as, gaining a better understanding of stress and how stress is a major factor of your wellbeing.

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Week 3

The power of your mind

In this lesson, we explore in more detail about the mental resilience skill pillar, we learnt from last week's lesson. We look at emotions, mindset and thinking.

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Week 5


In this lesson, we are looking at the proven effective wellbeing technique of meditation.You will learn why it's so beneficial to practice meditation, meditation and your brain, obstacles to meditation, as well as, tips for success in making mediation a regular wellbeing habit.

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Week 2

Building your resilience

In this lesson we look at what personal resilience really is, why it is important, the 3 secrets of resilient people and the 4 main pillars of resilience. 

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Week 4


In this lesson, we are looking at the super effective wellbeing tool -  Mindfulness. You will learn what it is (and what it isn't!), why it is important, mindful habits and you'll be able to practice a couple of mindfulness exercises.

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Week 6

Rest, relaxation and self-care

In this final lesson, we are looking at the importance of rest, relaxation and self-care to your overall wellbeing.You will learn why it's so beneficial to reframe thoughts around rest and relaxation and to make time for R+R every day without the guilt! You will also consider about your own self-care as a fundamental way to help you find calm when feeling stressed and anxious.

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Register now for just £295

“This course was the reset button I didn't know I needed.

I learnt how to make myself a priority again.”

— Susanne Kubik, Senior Associate, State Street Global Advisors

"Dawn's approach, style, tone and knowledge is 5*

The wellbeing program discussed ways to manage the different challenges we face and how we can cope with the day to day reality of our busy lives. "

— Alex Gladwin, Operations Manager, Skout PR

"Dawn should be prescribed by the NHS to help combat the UK’s growing workplace stress endemic.

Her program really helped me think about integrating wellbeing into my everyday habits, highlight the importance of self-care and offer proven techniques for coping with stress!"

— Fiona Wyatt, PR Communications Specialist

Still on the fence about it?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

for 30 days

Register risk-free

If the course doesn’t work out for you, get reassurance that you have 30 days to request your money back with no questions asked.

We are confident students will gain enormous benefit from the information and support given in this course and we want to make sure you get value for your money and find the course helpful.


What is the cost for this program?

£295 per person.

You have access to the course materials for the lifetime of this course.

How much time will I need to complete the program?

The course is based on an hour's live lesson every week for six weeks. 

Join the live lesson at the specified time or watch the replay. There are also supporting materials each week so we recommend carving out just a little extra time to do those each week too. 

Remember, if you don’t have enough time each week to complete the full lesson, it’s OK, just put as much time as you are able to commit to and take a little longer to complete the course. You have unlimited access to the course materials so give yourself some grace, keep moving forward at your own pace and you will get there.

How will I learn the program material?

Through recorded online lessons which become available to you in time-lapsed weekly stages.

Each module also includes downloadable resources such as supporting worksheets and audios of the mindfulness, meditation and relaxation exercises so you can access what you need super easily!

What if I don't like live group video calls?

The regular LIVE group video calls are optional. Join in as and when you wish to and when time permits.

We also understand some days you may feel more vulnerable than others and don't wish to join in. The important thing is to be kind to yourself and if you don’t feel like joining live session it's OK - watch the replay in your own time.

Remember, you can switch off your camera if that makes you feel more comfortable.

What kind of support will I receive during this program?

As you work your way through the course you may find you have a question or comment you’d like answered. You can either post in the private course community or email, join the regular LIVE group calls or email the team at

Do you offer a money back guarantee?


There is a 30-day money back guarantee.

We have full confidence in the value that we provide and wish you to discover this for yourself, risk-free.

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